Great Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts this Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to get your Christmas shopping rolling. If there’s a gun enthusiast in your life that you need to buy a couple of gifts for, you’re absolutely going to want to check out today’s blog! The team at Tactical Measure loves shooting — both recreationally and professionally — and we know a thing or two about what gun enthusiasts would love to receive as a gift this holiday season. Keep reading for a few unique and useful gift ideas that you can take advantage of. 

Unique Gun Storage

One of the coolest gift items that we’ve seen surface in the last year or so is a unique gun storage system that hangs directly on your wall. If the gun enthusiast that you’re shopping for wants easy access to their gun in the case of needing it for defense, then you should absolutely check out some of the handmade gun storage systems that hang on the wall. 

These gun storage systems look like anything but a gun storage system! Some of the most popular options look like wooden wall decor with an American flag painted on the front or a picture frame. Little beknownst to anyone coming into your house, this unique piece of decor is actually storing anything from a shotgun to a couple of handguns.

Browse some of these unique hidden gun storage pieces here.

Bulletproof Rocks Glasses

Every gun enthusiast loves to have accessories throughout their home that showcase this passion. A gift that many of us have received and absolutely love are the bulletproof rocks glasses with a bullet embedded in the glass. These glasses not only look cool, but they are a great conversation starter. Personally, most of us love pulling these bulletproof rocks glasses out after a day at the range, filling them with our favorite whiskey, and cheersing to a day well spent with our buds.

Order the Ben Shot Real Bulletproof Rocks Glasses here

Custom Gun Holster 

A gift item that you simply can’t go wrong with for gun enthusiasts is a custom gun holster. When you’re carrying your gun on your person, you want to make sure that it’s secure and fits the holster perfectly, which is a challenge when using generic holsters at sporting good stores. Custom holsters are easy to order, too! If you know the make and model of the gun, you can enter it on the Tactical Measure website and order a holster right then and there. Now, you’ve just got to figure out the make and model of your gun enthusiast’s handgun without giving away your gift idea.

Shop Tactical Measure’s custom gun holsters online here.

Order From Tactical Measure Online

Whether you’re in a rush to finish up your holiday shopping or you don’t have time to make it out to the stores this year, Tactical Measure has made it easy to purchase high-quality gifts for the gun enthusiast(s) in your life. Our online store offers both handmade, custom holsters as well as various gun accessories available for purchase. Feel free to contact our team with any questions!