Holiday Gifts for First Responders

Welcome back to the Tactical Measure blog! In our last post, we touched on a few great items to give gun enthusiasts. Today, we wanted to talk about a specific group of individuals that are often required to carry a handgun on their person: first responders. 

First responders are a special kind of person. Not only do they give up their personal time to protect and care for their community, but they put themselves at the forefront of dangerous situations as a profession! If anyone deserves an incredible gift this holiday season, it’s the first responder in your life. 

Tactical Measure has worked with various first responder agencies to provide them with the high-quality custom holsters needed to do these intense jobs confidently. If you’re shopping around and searching for a Christmas gift that they’ll use and appreciate, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a few of the items that first responders are sure to love.

Shadow Box

Every first responder has a story that leads to where they are in the present day. Whether they’ve only just begun and you have a collection of their first few uniforms or some pictures from graduation or they’ve been with their agency for a while and you have a handful of badges and awards, there’s no better way to display these milestones than with a shadow box. The beautiful thing about a shadow box is that you can display these proud moments in your home or in their office and you can turn it into whatever you please. Get as creative or sentimental with it as you’d like, but you can guarantee they’re going to recognize just how special this gift is.  

Work Supplies

Okay, this may not sound like a fun gift at all, but the reality is that it can definitely be something that the first responder in your life appreciates for a gift. For many, their vehicle is their office. With that being said, having items that make it easy to work and stay organized can make a world of difference. Maybe it’s a new clipboard, file organizer, or even just a car organizer that keeps the random items in place. Whatever it may be, they’re sure to use it and appreciate it!

Custom Gun Holster

As we mentioned earlier, Tactical Measure has worked with a few first responder agencies to provide them with custom gun holsters that they can use confidently on the job. For many individuals within these agencies, the quality of their work holster becomes something that they desire for their personal handguns as well. With that being said, you can purchase high-quality, individually pressed, handmade custom holsters online at Tactical Measure and provide the first responder in your life with the same quality holster that they use for work. 

This is a gift that, while they may have thought about it in the past, most first responders will not go and purchase on their own, making it all the more thoughtful!

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