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You’re out hunting or at the shooting range and your gun gets stuck in your holster. You’re angry that not only is your gun stuck in the holster, but there are scratches decorating the shiny new mental. Let’s imagine another scenario. You order a holster online for your gun and it ends up being too bulky. You’re annoyed and you can’t even refund your gun because the manufacturer doesn't allow refunds. You’re annoyed, distraught, and stuck with a holster you can’t do anything with. At Tactical Measure, we can ease your distress with our custom gun holsters.

The custom gun holsters we offer are manufactured by us; people who know what a good custom gun holster is made from. Our custom gun holsters won’t scratch your firearm or create too much bulk in your waistband. We followed the age old adage and decided to create custom gun holsters we want. We aim to make the most comfortable concealed carry options and we strive to manufacture the best kydex holsters for OWB (out of waistband) and IWB (in the waistband). What are you looking for in a custom gun holster? Comfort, easy access, and the

What are you looking for in a custom gun holster? Comfort, easy access, and the best made custom gun holster, is everything our custom gun holsters can offer you. We handcrafted each and every one of our gun holsters because we know the importance of having a well-made custom gun holster. We made custom gun holsters the way we want them made, which is why you won’t find a better custom gun holster on the internet.

Based in Texas, we make sure to keep the Second Amendment sacred. We take advantage of exercising our rights to protect our families and ourselves. In addition to protecting our loved ones, we want to make sure that our holster are able to protect our guns. Our custom gun holsters don’t scratch your shiny new metal gun, your gun won’t get stuck, and you won’t experience any accidents because of a too bulky gun holster. When you shop with us you’re getting exactly what you paid for, a custom made gun holster that can come in any color you want and is 100 percent made by us. Each of our gun holsters are individualized and will meet your specifications to a tee. Stop purchasing holsters that are uncomfortable and don’t meet your needs.

Place an order for your custom kydex holster, shop with us today.