Colors allow us to individualize our belongings and make them 100 percent our own. At Tactical Measure, we wanted to find gun holsters that were able to provide comfort, easy access to our guns, and keep our guns safe and damage-free. The holsters that we found were too bulky, uncomfortable, and damaged our guns. When you’re unable to find a gun holster that doesn’t meet your specifications it’s sometimes best to do it yourself.

As gun holster manufacturers, we want to ensure that you are able to find the best holster for your gun. Our custom gun holsters are able to meet your expectations because as consumers they meet our own. We aimed to create a gun holster that we would buy, which is why it’s such a fantastic product.

The added bonus is that you are able to pick what color you want your custom gun holster to be. If the holster is for a woman choose the bubblegum or tiffany blue colors, both of which would do well to individualize your holster. If you’re a hunter, infantry or coyote might be a good choice. We offer plain black too in case you’re looking for a colorless gun holster. However, to really give your gun holster a familiar and individualized feeling, picking a color below would be a great option. We offer 31 different colors for your gun holster and they range from dark colors to light and everything in between.

What sets us apart from other gun holster manufacturers is that we want you to have the best quality product available and have a custom gun holster you can call your own. If you don’t see something on our site, we are able to accommodate your needs. We understand the importance of having concealed carry accessories that are exactly what you are looking for. By picking a color below and customizing your gun holster, you’re telling the world that this holster is yours and only yours. Pick a color below for your custom gun holster and order one today!