Glock OWB Single Mag Carriers


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Product Description

Custom Gun Holster: Glock OWB Single Mag Carriers

  • Glock OWB Single Mag Carriers
  • This single magazine carrier is an outside the waistband option.
  • The Glock OWB Single Magazine Carrier has an adjustable cant and retention making it an easy and comfortable option to wear. 
  • This .08 inch Kydex OWB holster carries one magazine on the belt.

We make the best magazine carriers and holster in the industry because we make sure that they are what you want when it comes to firearm accessories. Our products are comfortable, versatile, and you’ll love the feel of it on the outside of your waistband. Whether you're bending, standing or sitting this Kydex OWB holster will remain snug on your belt. Designed to carry one magazine, this custom gun holster is easily concealed.

  • Outside the waistband
  • .08 inch Kydex
  • 2.5 ounces
  • Speed Ease or Closed Loop belt clips
  • Available in 1-½ inch or 1-¾ belt widths
  • Threadlocker is provided to lock screws when desired cant is found



    • Clean with warm non-abrasive soap and water. 
    • Check and tighten mounting screws on clips as necessary. 

    Limited Lifetime Warranty 

    Made in America by Americans

    Glock Models: 

    • G17 Gen 3-4
    • G17 Gen 5
    • G17L
    • G19 Timberwolf
    • G19 Gen 3-4
    • G19 Gen 5
    • G19X
    • G20
    • G21
    • G22 Gen 3-4
    • G23 Gen 3-4
    • G23 Timberwolf
    • G24
    • G26 Gen 4
    • G27 Gen 4
    • G29 Gen 3
    • G30 Gen 3
    • G30S
    • G31 Gen 3-4
    • G32 Gen 3-4
    • G34 Gen 4
    • G35 Gen 4
    • G36
    • G40 Gen 4
    • G41
    • G42
    • G43