Ruger OWB Two Tone Contoured Holsters


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Product Description

Custom Gun Holster: Ruger Two-Tone OWB Holsters

  • This custom gun holster is made from Kydex for a slim, molded profile and easy concealment.
  • This Kydex OWB holster has an easily adjustable cant to make positioning easy.
  • Get a truly custom feel from our custom gun holster's adjustable retention.

Whether you wear your gun while you’re sitting, standing, or walking, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable this custom gun holster is. Made with Kydex, our contoured OWB holsters are made with concealed carry use in mind. They are light, durable, and boast a thin profile. With over 900 color combinations to pick from, this custom gun holster is designed for you. Select different colors for the front and rear panels to make this Ruger OWB holster your own. The Speed Ease belt clips make this OWB holster a must have for those who enjoy a minimalist design for easy concealment.

  • Outside the Waistband 
  • .08 inch Kydex thickness
  • 3.5 ounces nominal weight 
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable cant
  • Speed Ease belt clips or Closed Loops are standard
  • War Loops, Tech-Lock, Paddle Mounts and Thigh Rigs are available
  • Available in 1-½ inch or 1-¾ inch belt width
  • 31 color options 
  • Thread locker is provided to lock screws when desired cant is found



  • Clean your Kydex OWB holster with warm non-abrasive soap and water. Remember to remove your Ruger before cleaning.
  • Check and tighten mounting screws on clips as necessary.

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Made in America by Americans

Ruger Models:

  • 1911
  • American 9/40
  • American Compact 9/40
  • American 45
  • Security 9
  • LCR
  • LC9
  • LC9S
  • LC380
  • LCP 380 G2
  • 22/45 Lite
  • P89
  • SR22
  • SR9C
  • SR9
  • SR40C
  • SR40
  • GP100
  • SR45

Rail:   rail is a series of parallel metal splines and channels built into the underside of the gun frame below the front end of the barrel. The number of splines and channels varies, but they can be as few as one single spline. Rails are used to attach accessories, such as laser sights and flashlights. Many handgun models are offered with or without rails. Similarly, other models are offered with rails only or without rails only.  A holster made to fit a handgun without a rail WILL NOT fit a handgun with a rail, and vice versa. We compare your response to our question against the mold that we use to make your holster. When you receive your holster, we want it to fit. If you are not sure, please call us. 





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