Sig Sauer IWB Contour Mag Carriers


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Product Description

Custom Mag Carriers: IWB Contour Mag Carriers

  • This in-the-waistband magazine carrier is available in 31 color options.
  • Designed to carry one Sig Sauer magazine.
  • Adjustable retention for an even better fit

These custom Sig Sauer magazine carriers are able to be worn on either side of your body and are designed to carry one magazine on the belt. Attaches to the belt with dual RCS tuckable struts or a single flush mount belt clip. With a thickness of .08 inch Kydex, you’ll be satisfied with this easily concealed contoured mag carrier. 

  • In the waistband 
  • .08 inch Kydex
  • 2.5 ounce weight
  • RCS tuckable struts or flush mount belt clip
  • Available in 1-½ inch or 1-¾ inch belt widths



  • Clean with warm non-abrasive soap and water. 
  • Check and tighten mounting screws on clip as necessary.

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Made in America by Americans

Sig Models:

  • 1911
  • P220
  • P224
  • P225 A1
  • P226
  • P226 MK25 Navy
  • P226 X5
  • P227
  • P228
  • P229
  • P238
  • P239
  • P250 Compact
  • P320 Fullsize
  • P320 Compact
  • P320 Subcompact
  • P320 Carry 45
  • P290
  • P365
  • P938
  • SP2022 Gen 1
  • SP2022 Gen 2
  • P2340